Writing is hard.

Writing can be as simple as sitting down at a computer or with a notebook and getting started. But writing is also a craft that can and should be constantly developed, and there are often issues that don’t have easy answers.

I am looking in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area for groups and individuals in private, public, charter, and homeschool circles, along with those simply interested in learning more about writing, who need some help.

I am offering one-on-one, workshops, or classes for essays, creative, journalism, and work-related writing for those either looking to get started or those who want to develop their craft.

I have 11 years of writing and editing experience, a four-year degree in English, three years experience in tutoring, and a lot of published work, including a creative writing contest award.

I’d love to help.

Email me at hi (at) silversteinwriter (dot) com or use this form for more information.


  • Essay (One-on-one or Workshop): I’ve always found that the hardest part of writing an essay is developing a thesis and supporting points that hit the assignment requirements. I help with structure, grammar, thesis selection and development, and citation (editing with student involvement only.).
  • Creative (One-on-one, Workshop, or Class): It’s missing something, but what? I’ll help you with character and world building, dialogue assistance, editing and plot flow assistance.
  • Journalism (Workshop or Class): Telling other people’s stories is an honor, and seeing your name in a byline is a thrill. I help with interviewing, collecting quotes, and article development and flow.
  • Creative Careers (Workshop): Learning how to combine different interests or develop a career that may be considered unusual. Do science and writing mix? Yes. What about ways to help others combined with communication/health/animals/working out? Absolutely. Animals and creative writing? Indeed. There are a lot of ways to combine seemingly opposing interests into a rewarding career. Let’s talk about them.
  • Crafty Tales (Workshop, ages 5-10): I bring the craft materials and the story for your child’s birthday party.
  • Writing Bootcamp (Workshop, 1.5 hours): I provide the notebooks & pens. You bring your buddies (up to eight people total), or I come to you. After some instruction with writing prompts or other guidance, you jot. Maybe there’s time to read out loud, depending on everyone’s comfort level. I will edit one page of work (500 words) afterward for each person, and you all get your story, memoirs, essay, or book started. If this is for a birthday, anniversary, or a bachelorette party, I’ll combine your stories, with editing, into a bound book for an additional charge.