Pocono Princess: “Looking to Spread a Little Happiness”

It all started with trains. Sean Toris-Silva, who started Pocono Princess, LLC, with his wife, Jennifer, was recovering from an injury in 2011 and decided to drive around Whippany, NJ, lacking anything better to do. Toris-Silva was working and continues to work full-time as a flight paramedic, and has worked in emergency medical services for… Continue reading Pocono Princess: “Looking to Spread a Little Happiness”

Kelly Miranda Photography: “There’s Enough Room for Everybody”

Kelly MacNiven also found support in the small business community in Durango. She attends the local Chamber events for networking opportunities, and has developed a good rapport with other local photographers. “We can all help each other out and there’s enough room for everybody,” said MacNiven. “There’s enough business to go around. We don’t need to be competitive. It works and we all help each other out and it’s a great community of artists and business owners making sure there’s enough room for all of us, doing what we love to do.”

The History, Culture and Legacy of the Barker Family

Their first date was a few weeks later at the old Solid Muldoon, where Laurie had her first drink, a hot buttered rum. More dates would follow, and one night, they stopped on a back road to sit on the hood of the car and look at the stars. Laurie would only later learn that the road was just above the Barker family ranch. “I genuinely cared about him and not about who he was and what he represented,” said Laurie, who continued to work at the Strater in various departments. “I wasn’t putting together the magnitude of what it all meant. At the time, the Strater had singing waiters and waitresses. I liked the singing part. I didn’t know about the legacy or all that. I don’t think I knew the whole picture yet.”