Durango Neighbors Magazine

Intrigued by utilizing a story twist on the old marketing theme, I joined the team that launched a Durango, CO magazine called Durango Neighbors, which was designed, printed and distributed by a company called Best Version Media.

This beefed-up marketing vehicle capitalized on the stories of families and businesses to sell the services and products of those who paid a premium for advertising. Only one business was allowed in each category, and businesses wrote a 500-word article quarterly, with monthly exposure in the form of a photo and short biography at the front of the magazine.

I served as the content coordinator for five months, from February 2015 to June 2015, writing 2-3 articles a month and solo editing the entire 20- to 24-page magazine. Until February 2016, I continued to write the quarterly article for Allison Ragsdale Photography.

 The History, Culture and Legacy of the Barker Family – February 2015

Their first date was a few weeks later at the old Solid Muldoon, where Laurie had her first drink, a hot buttered rum. More dates would follow, and one night, they stopped on a back road to sit on the hood of the car and look at the stars. Laurie would only later learn that the road was just above the Barker family ranch. “I genuinely cared about him and not about who he was and what he represented,” said Laurie, who continued to work at the Strater in various departments. “I wasn’t putting together the magnitude of what it all meant. At the time, the Strater had singing waiters and waitresses. I liked the singing part. I didn’t know about the legacy or all that. I don’t think I knew the whole picture yet.” Read more.

The Freedom of a Customized Home and Life – February 2015

Kurt has also passed down an entrepreneurial spirit, continuing a family tradition. Two of his four children are business owners, with a chiropractic office in Bayfield and a Crossfit Gym in Sante Fe, and Kurt believes his other two may end up with their own businesses as well. “They got some business background from me,” shared Kurt. “All four have noticed how much I enjoy working for myself. I think what appeals to me most about owning my own business is the freedom it gives me. The more I put into it, the more I get out of it.” Read more.

Shining Star Caregivers: Finding Purpose after Tragedy – May 2015

Then another blow came. Shortly after Chris moved to Taos, he committed suicide. “I was even more devastated,” revealed Mary. “That’s why caring for all of these people is so wonderful. It got my mind off of myself and onto caring about someone else. He used to call me his shining star, so that’s how I came up with the name for my company. I felt like he was guiding me.” Read more.