Durango Chamber of Commerce

From October 2012 to June 2014, I wrote 23 articles for the Durango Chamber of Commerce. I really enjoyed meeting local business owners and sharing their stories. I learned about a diverse set of industries, which included real estate, technology, restaurants, architecture, nonprofit, and more.

Dentist Offers Holistic Care – October 2012

Four and half years, two offices, and one failed attempt to retire later, Rothchild has settled in. He opened a practice in Durango after 13 months of retirement. “I got restless,” he said. “I saw an opportunity here and saw that the area could use my knowledge,” he said. He quickly outgrew his first office in Rivergate and opened another in Three Springs. Read more.

Watching a Community Grow Up – November 2012

There is a high school student who comes in for a shake every other day, a group of guys who come in for sundaes every Wednesday, and an individual who always orders a scoop of pineapple coconut ice cream. Juskevich has seen regulars through life’s triumphs and struggles, and her employees will start making regulars’ order even before they walk in the door. “It’s our own family,” said Juskevich. “They know us and we know them. It’s not just a store. It’s not just ice cream.” Read more.

Karen Skelly Photography Captures the Special Moments – September 2013

Karen Skelly, of Karen Skelly Photography, was four years old when she held her first camera. Her father was a wedding photographer and took portraits of his family. Skelly still has the pictures that he took of her throughout the years as a baby, toddler and teenager.

She also has the memories. Read more.

Minimum Artistic Ability Required: Socializing with a Paintbrush – May 2014

Yet Cocktails and Creations, the socialization opportunity that offers a paintbrush, a canvas and a drink, provides an engaging opportunity for those who want a little something different for a birthday party or a girls’ night out. Those who are perhaps intimidated at the thought of painting do not need to worry. Rick White, the owner of Cocktails and Creations, said, “The minimum talent requirement is the ability to draw a stick figure. Most clients haven’t picked up a paint brush since the 2nd grade. It’s more about coming in, having a glass of wine, and catching up on how your day’s been. It’s really about the fun and enjoyment of being with friends and doing something you haven’t done in a while.” Read more.

Using Sunshine to Save Money, Make Electricity and Support the Environment – July 2014

Most people like the idea of solar, said Shaw, but most are deterred by the cost. This tends to be more of an educational barrier. Today, panels are not only much more affordable, but the investment is 25 cents on the dollar for 25 years of renewable energy. “When we talk to people, people are amazed that it’s as affordable as it is,” said Shaw. “I’m not saying everyone can afford it, but it has a good value proposition.” Read more.