Allison Ragsdale Photography

I started working with Allison Ragsdale Photography in 2013, writing articles and editing their marketing materials. I enjoyed sharing their stories and hearing how much they impact the lives of the families they photograph. After working with Allison and her husband, Matt, on Durango Neighbors Magazine, I continued to write for them even after leaving the magazine.

“Elizabeth is absolutely amazing to work with. We’ve been working with her for years and she can always get the point across in writing that we can’t. She is professional and easy to get along with, and we would recommend her to anyone who needs writing or copywriting done for their business.” – Matt Hoaglin and Allison Ragsdale of Allison Ragsdale Photography

Senior Model Program Offers Life-long Friendships and Cherished Moments – August 2015

Colin’s participation in the Senior Model Program began a life-long friendship. “I don’t consider them photographers who work for me. I really consider them our friends,” shared Lisa. “The photos are so beautiful, but what’s more important to me is that they bring out a very natural beauty in my children. The pictures I love aren’t standard pictures of them for their senior photos. They’re looking down. They’re looking away. That’s what I love. They’re the moments we’re going to cherish forever.” Read more.

Making a House a Home: Family Portraits with Allison Ragsdale – November 2015

Ellis found that Allison was able to work magic with her stoic father and two small dogs. “She was able to get my dad to smile,” marveled Ellis. “She’s amazing with animals, she was amazing with my senior father, she was great with my daughter and with my camera-shy husband. We couldn’t be more pleased.” Read more.

Glamour and Glitz: Perks of the Senior Model Program with Allison Ragsdale Photography – February 2016

Valuing her input as a senior who has completed the program, Allison and Matt asked Senora for suggestions on how enhance the experience. While Senora has noticed that potential clients are nervous about the cost, she has experienced herself that participation in the program is worth much more than the money value. Included are multiple shoots, which can include headshots, couture session, family session, senior session, and custom sessions, depending on the model level a senior chooses. Hair and make-up are also included. “It’s really worth all of it,” Senora said, “and it’s documented the end of junior year to the end of senior year and you change a lot, so it’s cool to document the entire time instead of just senior photos.” Read more.