My name is Elizabeth Silverstein, and I’ve got some stories to share. Everything posted from July 2018 on is my creative work. I’m keeping some old posts for the convenience and the statistics, but nonfiction work has mostly moved over onto Hew and Weld.


While I’ve been writing my nonfiction since 2006, I’ve been writing my fiction stories for much longer. I received my first journal at age 12 in an Easter basket. I won my first award for my stories in 2008.

I started workshops in 2018.

I write mainly about monsters across genres, using unusual circumstances to explore humanity. I believe strongly that fictional monsters help us battle the nonfictional ones, and had I not been an avid reader and writer as a child, my story would have been very different.

Join me for some writing every week, writing prompts, and in person if my workshop is offered at a location near you!

Contact me to learn more.