My name is Elizabeth Silverstein, and I want to hear your story.

Since a young age, I’ve been enamored by how stories move, inform, and grow us. After stumbling into a newspaper elective in college, becoming managing editor with a stipend by my second semester, and then interning at a daily newspaper, I knew I had found where I needed to be. I was able to call myself a professional writer, with both a paycheck and a byline, by age 19.

Since 2006, writing has been a constant in my life as I’ve written for publications like Enjoy Magazine, Durango Living Magazine, Durango Neighbors Magazine, and Colorado Magazine, and organizations like chambers of commerce, photographers, entrepreneurs, restaurants, the community art center, and a variety of nonprofits.

I believe everyone has a story about where they came from and the choices they made that lead them to who and where they are today. Over the years of interviewing hundreds of people, I’ve found that most people have dots in their life that they haven’t taken a step back to connect. I’ve also learned that to be trusted with such a story is an honor.

As with most creative fields, stories are part of our souls. They’re important.

I believe that stories, handled well and with integrity, can be a crucial part of a business or an organization.

Contact me to learn more.