Glamour and Glitz: Perks of the Senior Model Program with Allison Ragsdale Photography

Senora Robinson has seen her friends enter the Senior Model Program with Allison Ragsdale Photography for the past five years. “I always thought her photos were amazing,” Senora shared. “I was pretty well integrated in the modeling arena, so I wanted to make sure I had a great photographer for my senior photos. I was recommended my junior year by one of my senior friends. She has great photos.”

As a child, Senora started modeling when she received encouragement and guidance from a photographer after a family shoot. Since then, she has moved more towards the business side of the fashion industry, but modeling has remained a personal goal.

Senora is headed to fashion school next fall, after graduating this spring. “I would love to keep modeling,” revealed Senora. “I would love to be a Victoria’s Secret Pink Model. That’s my life goal.”

Senora, now an intern with Allison, works with Allison and her husband, Matt, every week, assisting Matt with marketing, sending out marketing materials or helping organize contests, and going on location with Allison to shoots. She completes projects such as Snapchat stories, which Allison posts on Instagram, and helps with flash adjustments, poses and wardrobe. “I help bring revenue, excitement and a different perspective,” Senora explained. “We’re trying now to look at the point of view of the senior and the person who’s already gone through the Senior Program so we can make it better for the up and coming seniors.”

She’s also seen how clients transform from feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable to confident and relaxed. “Allison just makes everything so easy and doesn’t have you do anything you’re uncomfortable with,” Senora said. “She lets you take charge of your shoot which is really awesome. She makes it really fun and comfortable.”

Allison allows the session to be customized, which includes listening to music, or incorporating outfit changes. “It’s super personalized to you,” Senora explained. “She’s lighthearted, really fun and really easy to talk to and be around and it makes it really fun for people doing family, wedding, and senior photos. Everyone loves Allison. It’s really great.”

Senora had been asked by several other photographers in town to join their senior program, but she wanted to work with Allison. “I chose Allison, hands-down, no question, because I knew the program and the way she runs it,” said Senora. “It will be even better with the 2017 Program, especially with the adjustments we’re making.”

Valuing her input as a senior who has completed the program, Allison and Matt asked for suggestions on how enhance the experience. While Senora has noticed that potential clients are nervous about the cost, she has experienced herself that participation in the program is worth much more than the money value. Included are multiple shoots, which can include headshots, couture session, family session, senior session, and custom sessions, depending on the model level a senior chooses. Hair and make-up are also included. “It’s really worth all of it,” Senora said, “and it’s documented the end of junior year to the end of senior year and you change a lot, so it’s cool to document the entire time instead of just senior photos.”

Then there are the relationships with Allison and Matt. “You get to know her and Matt very well, which is cool because they’re such great people,” shared Senora. “It’s an overall really fun experience. I would absolutely go back and do it again.”

Originally published in the February 2016 issue of Durango Neighbors Magazine.

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