Hi there.

Most people can see the big picture, or they pay attention to the details.

I see both, especially for industries and organizations that struggle with articulating their mission to the public.

A complex nonprofit that gathers those committed to clean energy and gives them a platform in politics may not know how to share the importance of what they do to the public. A farm-to-table restaurant might struggle with explaining all of the elements that may amount to a higher priced meal, but also results in better living conditions for our animals and living wages for everyone involved. A health-focused nonprofit might have difficulty showing the need for educational events and getting seats filled at those events.

These are some of the organizations and businesses that I’ve worked with over the past 11 years as a professional writer, and I made sure that a compelling story was at the core of all marketing initiatives, while utilizing traditional and social media avenues.

There are a lot of parts to a whole, and I know how to make each piece work together for the larger goal in a succinct, painless way. With a background in journalism, an ease to my interviewing style that makes me a delight to talk to, a commitment to deadlines, and a desire to maintain the integrity of a story while respecting those who share with me, I humanize difficult or easily dismissed industries.

And, because I’m interested in everything, I’ve continued to write for publications about stories that catch my eye.

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